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The Certificate for Emerging Leaders program can help leaders of all levels of experience deal with the constant changes in today's fast-paced workplace. The focus is on building skills in the areas of building relationships, coaching, communication, personal effectiveness, and professional skills.

The flexibility of this certificate makes it ideal for aspiring, new and developing leaders. Students are encouraged to build their own certificates by carefully selecting seminars that not only meet the requirements of the program, but at the same time meet their own career needs.

Students are required to take 91 hours of seminars and complete the 9-hour independent final assessment (reflective journal) in the form of a referenced reflection paper. The paper will be structured into five sections – one for each program topic area listed below.

Topic Areas

  • Building Relationships
  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Professional Skills

Students can take seminars first and enrol in the certificate later, applying at that time for credit for those seminars that you have completed and which meet the certificate requirements. However as certificate requirements are subject to change, we recommend you apply for admission as early as possible, thereby locking in the certificate requirements and ensuring your receive credit for all of your seminars. It is strongly recommended that you complete this certificate within five years of the start date of your first seminar.

This certificate is perfect if you:

  • Work, or aspire to work, in a leadership position
  • Want to develop the 'soft skills' that employers value
  • Plan to move on to the Certificate for Front Line Leaders
  • Enjoy full-day immersive seminars

Seminars are typically offered over one, two, or three full days from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at the main or downtown campuses. Some seminars are offered online.

All Continuing Education certificates have been developed with part-time learners in mind. The Certificate for Emerging Leaders is a 100-hour program.

The certificate requires a total of 100 hours including:

  1. 91 hours of seminars.
    • o A minimum of one seminar must be completed from each of the five topic areas: Building Relationships, Coaching, Communication, Personal Effectiveness and Professional Skills
    • Students must attain a "CR" graded for attendance in all seminar courses.
  2. A 9-hour independent final assessment (reflective journal) based on the five topic areas. The final assessment is graded.

Depending on the courses selected, students may complete the certificate in as little as two terms. We strongly recommended that you complete this certificate within five years of the start date of your first seminar.

Plan your certificate...

A degree or diploma is not required to enrol in this program.

You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to be admitted. Successful completion of a Grade 12 diploma and relevant work experience are recommended. If English is not your first language, please review the English language proficiency requirements.

You can take courses first and enrol in the certificate later; however, as programs are subject to change, we recommend you apply for admission to the certificate program as early as possible. The certificate admission fee is $105. Once admitted, you can be confident that completed and eligible courses will apply to your certificate.

Depending on selected seminars, the approximate cost to complete this certificate is $5,100 plus GST (students take an average of 10 to 13 seminars).

  Apply for Admission

On completion of one certificate, you may wish to pursue studies in another.

On completion of this certificate, up to 70 hours of equivalent courses may be transferred towards certificates in Professional Management, or Human Resource Management. The number of hours will vary based on certificate requirements and courses.

This includes 40 hours to replace the course, Human Behaviour in Organizations, and up to 30 hours toward the electives requirement.

If you wish to pursue another certificate program please complete the Application for Admission for your next certificate, and contact us requesting transfer of the equivalent course credits, or contact a student advisor for assistance at 403-220-2866. You must request the transfer of the equivalent courses credits to apply to your next certificate?—?this will not happen without your request.

To graduate, a student must satisfy all certificate requirements:

  • Successfully complete program requirements.
  • Attain a "CR" in all seminars used to meet program requirements.
  • Attain minimum instruction hours to meet program requirements.
  • Successfully complete a Reflective Journal Summary for each of the topic areas.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure all requirements for graduation are fulfilled, and to apply to graduate.

View our Graduation page for details.

International students who wish to live and work in Canada can take this certificate in the eight-month International Professional Programs.

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