Course Description

Facilitators help other people resolve issues or improve processes. This seminar is designed to improve the skills of people who are facilitating initiatives such as: the start-up of teams or project groups; regular meetings; the resolution of issues, such as conflict, low productivity, or poor morale; planning of projects and complex tasks; team building; process improvement; group feedback meetings, and other similar types of sessions. Prior to this seminar, questionnaires will be sent to students to determine specific needs and issues to discuss. By gaining an understanding of the mindset of a facilitator—in contrast to other leaders—you will become more effective in your facilitation role. This seminar will help you sharpen or acquire basic facilitation skills, and increase your confidence through practise and feedback. Through facilitation clinics, you will learn approaches to difficult situations.


  • The role of the facilitator and how it changes in different situations
  • Basic tools for facilitation
  • Use of structured tools for process improvement, decision making, improving quality, and other tasks
  • Facilitating the start up of teams
  • Facilitating conflict resolution
  • Prevention of problems as a basic facilitation approach
  • Dealing with problems once they occur

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