Course Description

Recognizing different personality styles are vital for business development success. When you know how others want to be treated, building quality, trust-based relationships is easier, faster, and more comfortable for everyone involved.

We continually influence others whether we are selling an idea, concept, product or service. Knowing how to create a mutually beneficial plan respectfully can help obtain a fast "YES" versus a slow "NO" in today's high-demand work environment.

Course Details

Upon completing this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify and explain how our behavioural style influences what we say and do; as well as how we value time and what others say and contribute to collaboration or conflict
  • Examine how to integrate communication skills designed to capture the attention and support of others
  • Discover the multiple steps of influencing others, whether presenting an idea, concept, product or service
  • Analyze how our current interpersonal approach increases endorsements from others

Topics of Instruction

  • Behaviourally smart actions
  • Interpersonal approach
  • Behavioural style
  • Integrate communication skills


Will be replacing: BUS  264 Leave a Lasting Impression and Increase Your Success

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