Course Description

When building an effective team, it not just about finding a group of people with the right skill sets. It requires a keen understanding of people, their strengths, and an awareness of how each team member contributes to the overall team goal. Uncover how to navigate the many factors that can challenge and affect team performance. Explore the tactics required to recognize the strengths and personalities of existing team members, and identify strategies to create or maintain an effective team dynamic.

Course Details

Upon completing this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify the five stages of team development
  • Explore various leadership tactics required to develop and maintain an engaged team
  • Discuss and diagnose the characteristics and composition of teams
  • Recognise the strategies for building trust within teams
  • Create an action plan for developing teams and addressing team challenges

Topics of Instruction

  • Five stages of team development
  • Best practices for leading and motivating teams 
  • Strategies for coping with team challenges
  • Strategies for fostering trust and open communication



Formerly: BUS 260 - Successful Teams: How to Build Them


Certificate for Emerging Leaders - Seminar Category/Topic Area: Building Relationships  

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