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What is your preferred communication style: get-to-the-point, fact based, analytical, or warm, chatty and personal? Do you prefer work conversations that are direct, deal with the main issue and move on? Or, do you prefer to warm up a bit first, establish rapport, and then move into the topic at hand? These and other communication traits can make communicating in the workplace a challenging task. Have you ever been in a meeting and found yourself wishing people would just get to the point? Ever wish that some of your colleagues were more tactful and diplomatic? Has your boss ever told you that you need to speak up and contribute more in meetings? Do you find that your colleague's eyes glaze over when you are giving a report? Communication style can be as much a foreign language as any other spoken language. In this powerful one day course, using DiSC®, you will learn about communication styles most commonly used at work, identify your own preferred style, and discuss strategies and tips to understand and communicate more effectively with those whose styles are different than yours.


  • The DiSC communication style model
  • Determining your own communication style preferences
  • Identifying other communication style preferences
  • Increasing your communication style flexibility

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Certificate for Emerging Leaders topic area: Communication

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8:30AM to 4:30PM
Oct 16, 2024
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