Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP)

The Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP) is a chartered, non-profit, Canadian association. We strive to provide administrative professionals the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive by encouraging all members to add to their individual competencies, advance their leadership skills, realize their value in the workplace and community and have confidence to excel in their careers.

The AAP offers the Canadian Certified Administrative Professional (CCAP) certificate and designation. The CCAP program is a certificate program for administrative professionals.

To earn the CCAP designation, candidates must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Be an AAP member for at least one year.
  2. Enrol in the CCAP program.
  3. Provide verification that you possess a minimum of five years' work experience in an administrative role or three years with a BA.
  4. Provide verification that you also possess a good balance of the AAP core competencies, which are in the areas of business management, technology, leadership/organizational skills and communication/interpersonal skills.
  5. Complete seven courses at accredited universities and colleges across Canada, consisting of four compulsory courses and three elective courses. Members enrolled in the CCAP program may complete some or all of their requirements with University of Calgary Continuing Education as follows:

Compulsory Courses

AAP Courses UCalgary Equivalent
Business English WRI 150 Writing in the Workplace
Human Resources Management BMC 165 Human Resource Management
Organizational Behaviour BMC 172 Human Behaviour in Organizations
Supervision/Management Studies BMC 205 Business Management

Elective Courses

Technology/Computer Skills Student must take one from this group
Computer Technology – advanced courses in Excel, Access, etc. ICT 580 HTML5 and CSS3
MOS 210 Microsoft Office Word Expert
MOS 220 Microsoft Excel Expert
Social media BMC 382 Digital Social Platforms
Website Design/Management Not available at this time
Business Operations Student must take one from this group
Board Governance Not available at this time
Business or Commercial Law BMC 117 Business Law
Change Management BMC 358 Change Management Theory and Application
Critical Thinking Not available at this time
Economics BMC 171 Economics for Business
Financial Accounting BMC 162 Accounting Fundamentals OR
BUS 120 Financial Analysis and Planning for Non-Financial Managers OR
BUS 154 Accounting for Non-Financial Managers
Marketing BMC 385 Marketing Mix AND
BMC 389 Marketing Strategic Planning OR
BMC 380 Foundations of Digital Marketing
Psychology Not available at this time
Public Relations Not available at this time
Statistics Not available at this time
Project/Event Management Student must take one from this group
Project Management PMF 110 Introduction to Project Management and Process-Based Approach to Projects

CCAP Certification Renewal

CCAP graduates must complete a certification renewal process every three years, based on a credits system. Earn credits by completing professional development programs, attending AAP meetings and events, working in the administrative profession, community involvement and more. Earn forty certification renewal credits in the three-year renewal period to meet the criteria. For more information, visit or contact the CCAP National Coordinator at

AAP Contact

For more information on the Association of Administrative Professionals, how to become a member, where our branches are, the CCAP designation and more, visit or email the National Director – Registrar at

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