The practices of business analysis, intelligence and analytics enable you to understand, manage and deliver value with data.

While business analytics uses statistical and quantitative tools for explanatory and predictive modeling, business intelligence collects data to find information through questions, reporting, and analytical processes.

This program combines leadership training with three complimentary disciplines. This enables you to successfully evaluate performance, identify inadequacies, and implement solutions in an organization.

The program does not require any particular technical background.

Choose this program track if:

  • You work, or aspire to work, in the data analytics field
  • You are in the IT field but need to know the data needed by business users
  • You want to learn data analysis tools and explore data visualization tools and techniques
  • You need to understand basic programming skills to handle the data load and automate workflows

What you will learn

Analytics tools and strategies

Analytics tools and strategies

Apply the techniques of business analytics to support the decision-making in an organization.

Technology and programming

Technology and programming

Apply analytical tools and applications to develop analysis and solutions to address organization needs.



Construct business analysis and translate the findings to support decision-making.



Business and management principles to problem-solve organizational challenges.

Business analysis

Business analysis

Review of enterprise-wide functions and processes.



Deepen your own practice, while developing and fostering a multi-dimensional view of leaders and leadership.


Upon successful completion of this specialization, you will receive the following certificates.

Certificate in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Learn how to turn data into valuable information.

Business Analysis Certificate

Learn to identify business needs and implement solutions.

Certificate in IT Fundamentals

Gain fundamental knowledge of programming, databases, networks, and development methodologies.

Certificate for Front Line Leaders

Learn the knowledge, skills and tools needed to be an effective leader.


Some courses provide credit towards more than one certificate, allowing you to complete the program in less time.

Course Hours: 240 hours
Certificate Hours: 240 hours

ICT 700 Business Intelligence Introduction | 30 hours

Describe the components of a business intelligence system. Discuss the roles, processes, techniques, and technology related to business intelligence applications.

ICT 707 Data Analysis and Presentation | 30 hours

Industry best practices to develop visual dashboard layouts and reporting, using SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher, SQL Server Reporting Services and Power BI.

ICT 771 Business Analytics Introduction | 30 hours

Explore business analytics techniques to formulate and solve business problems and support managerial decision making.

ICT 705 Gathering Requirements for BI Projects | 30 hours

Tools and techniques to collect requirements for BI Projects. Mapping objectives, goals and strategies to a business requirement.

ICT 778 Python Foundations | 30 hours

Learn the fundamentals of the Python programming language, environment and Anaconda Distribution. Focus on best practices for writing, testing and debugging Python code.

ICT 706 Data Preparation and Dimensional Modeling | 30 hours

Explore the process of creating an analytical data solution, from conceptual design, transforming and loading data, to the exposure of information through a semantic layer.

DAT 350 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst | 30 hours

Connect to and visualize any data using Power BI, the unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI).

ICT 779 Python for Data Analysis | 30 hours

Through an introduction to Python libraries, focus on how the Python programming language is used for data manipulation, processing and analysis, and visualization.

Course Hours: 120 hours
Certificate Hours: 120 hours

BAF 110 Defining Business Needs | 20 hours

Examine the basic flow of business analysis, starting with a business need, apply common analytical frameworks and techniques to analyze the overall need.

BAF 120 Working with Business Stakeholders | 20 hours

Learn well-practiced, commonly used, and successful techniques to analyze stakeholders.

BAF 130 Business Requirements | 20 hours

Learn to implement various analytical frameworks, explore diverse elicitation techniques, such as process modelling, interviews, and interface analysis.

BAF 140 Designing Sustainable Business Solutions | 20 hours

Explore creative thinking and analytical approaches needed to design solutions that meet business needs.

BAF 150 Evaluating Solutions and Measuring Business Value | 20 hours

Explore common analytical techniques to assess organizational performance.

BAF 160 The Role of an Integrated Business Analyst | 20 hours

Build your knowledge in planning for different business analysis scenarios.

Course Hours: 90 hours
Certificate Hours: 120 hours

ICT 128 Relational Databases Fundamentals | 30 hours

Introductory Concepts of Relational Databases. Introduction to SQL to query and manipulate data in a relational database.

ICT 710 Computer Programming Level 1 | 30 hours

Analyze a programming problem, design a solution, write and document the application code and debug the application.

ICT 711 Computer Programming Level 2 | 30 hours

Further your skills in C#, Visual Studio IDE, and the .NET framework. Object-oriented programming concepts and the various tools needed to design, build and test a software product.

No courses in Term 3.

Course Hours: 125 hours
Certificate Hours: 120 hours

BUS 649 Powerful Professionals: Consulting Skills for Leaders within Organizations | 14 hours

Discover how to utilize a five-step process designed to enhance effectiveness in applying not only technical skills but also critical interpersonal skills within organizations.

BUS 635 Effective Decision Making in a Complex Environment | 7 hours

Learn to assess and confront problems to make timely decisions by applying techniques, achieving the best results for your business.

BUS 127 Emotional Intelligence | 7 hours

Integrate intellectual and emotional intelligence to obtain positive results in personal and professional interactions.

BUS 646 Productivity Skills and Tools for Managers | 7 hours

Explore how to think strategically about prioritizing tasks, managing your time, and practise self-care to enhance personal productivity.

BUS 648 Negotiation Skills for Working Professionals | 7 hours

Examine and practise negotiation techniques through hands-on activities to gain confidence in applying them outside the classroom.

BUS 640 Business Case Development: Frameworks and Templates | 14 hours

Learn the criteria to develop a compelling business case for a targeted audience, achieve approval and secure buy-in.

BUS 650 Cultivating a Strong Leadership Presence | 7 hours

Cultivate your leadership presence by identifying key behaviours and habits of strong leaders.

BUS 128 Dealing with the Difficult Conversation | 7 hours

Learn an assertive, yet respectful method for discussing concerns with others to be successful in difficult conversations.

BUS 267 Leading Yourself and Others Through Change | 14 hours

Find the best road to successful outcomes while minimizing the negative effects of change.

BUS 652 Taking Initiative for Career Growth | 7 hours

Examine how and when you should demonstrate initiative at work to achieve results and further your career. Taking initiative in the right ways makes you look good at work, helps build professional confidence, and capitalize on opportunities for advancement.

BUS 700 Final Assessment for Certificate for Front Line Leaders | 20 hours

Reflection paper at the end of the Front Line Leaders program.

Work-Integrated Learning

This WIL opportunity will be a valuable chance for you to gain real-world experience in a professional role. This unique learning environment will provide real-world insight into Canadian workplace culture and the opportunity to network and build rapport with employers and others in your industry. Upon graduation from your program, you will have work experience with a Canadian employer that you can highlight on your resume.

If you are registering for a 1+1 program, please be mindful of when you are going to do your work-integrated learning placements, as placements are not offered every term.

Learn more about Work-Integrated Learning...

Why choose this program track?

This program focuses on giving you the tools to successfully lead, advise and implement data driven solutions in an organization.

Key learning themes:Business Intelligence, Data analytics practices, Business Analysis methodology as per BABOK, Leading Self, Leading Others, Leadership and Business Operations, Leadership across Business Units

Ultimate benefits


Work in Canada

Students who meet the requirements for full-time status may be eligible for a post-graduate work permit that will allow them to work in our beautiful city, or elsewhere in Canada.

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Global Credential

Earn a global business credential to put on your resume.

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Gain a new perspective

Study and make friends with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Important Dates...

Fall 2024 Start Date

September 3, 2024

Winter 2025 Start Date

January 2, 2025

1+1: Combine with the Project Management program track

Students can combine this program with the Project Management program track. Taking both programs consecutively results in reduced tuition fees and course loads. Learn more...

Program Fees

  2024 Fees 2025 Fees
Application Fee: $200 $200
Program Fee: $23,250 $23,550
Work-Integrated Learning*: $3,900 $3,900
TOTAL: $27,350 $27,650

* Work-Integrated Learning will be part of this program beginning January 2024.
Textbooks are not included in the fee. For more fee information, please see Fees and Payment Deadlines and International Refunds and Transfers.

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