UCalgary Continuing Education International Professional Program students who complete their non-degree credit programs are eligible to apply for a post-graduate work permit (PGWP). A PGWP allows students to remain in Canada to work after they have completed their program of study. Students must be 18 years or older, have maintained full-time status for the duration of their program, and completed more than 50% of the course hours in person (not online). Applicants can receive only one post-graduation work permit in their lifetime.

In order to maintain their full-time status, students are required to register and take consecutive terms within a program of study. According to the IRCC website, students who have completed Continuing Education international programs may be eligible for a PGWP as follows:

Program Program Length PGWP Length
Eight-Month Programs 8 months 8 months
One-Year Programs 1 year 1 year
One-Year Programs with successful completion of Work-Integrated Learning 16 months 16 months
1+1 Programs (Two One-Year Programs*) 2 years 3 years

Please note that Continuing Education international students must maintain a minimum of 120 contact hours of instruction per term to be considered full-time. Please refer to the IRCC website for the latest and most accurate information about eligibility requirements and the length of PGWPs.

* Students in 1+1 programs may take a break of one term (up to four months) between consecutive programs, and apply for a PGWP for the combined two years of study. Students cannot take a term of leave within a program, only between programs (for example: between year 1 and 2).

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