Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) occurs at the end of your program. It will be a valuable opportunity for you to gain real-world experience in a professional role. This unique learning environment will provide real-world insight into Canadian workplace culture and the opportunity to network and build rapport with employers and others in your industry. Upon graduation from your program, you will have work experience with a Canadian employer that you can highlight on your resume.

Before starting your WIL, you will participate in a compulsory orientation to help you to succeed in Canadian workplace culture. Over the course of your WIL opportunity, you will connect with a Work-Integrated Learning Facilitator to submit interim and final reflections and reports to summarize the skills and knowledge gained from your experience.

Your Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) fee includes:

  • Access to the UCalgary Elevate system where you can access employment resources and job postings that are curated especially for IPP WIL students.
  • One-on-one coaching focussed on job-readiness topics such as resume/cover letter writing, interview skills, and networking.
  • Group-based sessions on job-search strategies, and panel discussions with potential employers and industry experts.
  • The benefits a continuing full-time student receives while working for your WIL employer. These benefits include the Calgary Transit UPass, Emergency Health Care, and Active Living (provided you remain registered in the WIL with IPP).
  • A faculty advisor who works with you to set goals for your WIL opportunity before starting. They will monitor your progress with goal check-ins at the mid-point and end of your WIL term.

Frequently Asked Questions about Work-Integrated Learning

Will you place/get me into a job?

Placements are not guaranteed. Students will view all the available opportunities and apply for them on Elevate (UCalgary's career, advising, and student experience portal). Once a student has been selected, the organization will notify the IPP team.

How many hours will I be able to work?

You will be working at least 30 hours a week and these will be paid positions.

What do I need to do if I don't want to be a part of WIL?

You will need to opt-out during the defined period for your program.

When should I take the WIL if I am doing two programs?

It is strongly recommended that you take your WIL after your second program.

Can I take the WIL twice?

Yes. Students who decide to take a second WIL should ensure that they have the correct and valid co-op/study permit and that scheduling of both 16-month programs works.

Why is the deposit for the WIL non-refundable?

The WIL deposit payment covers the administrative costs incurred in organizing WIL info sessions, managing Elevate, preparing the list of WIL employers, resume critiques, organizing mock interviews, and helping you look and apply for opportunities. All students have access to these services irrespective of whether they are successful in securing a WIL or not.

I am taking a one-year program, how do I register for WIL?

Please see How to Register in the One-Year Programs. Students must complete the course component of their program before starting the WIL component.

If I am registering in a 1+1 program and I don't plan on taking two WIL terms, why is the deposit still non-refundable?

The WIL deposit payment covers the administrative costs incurred with services like the Elevate system and the personalized attention of a dedicated IPP Career Pathway Advisor to conduct individual resume critiques, organize mock interviews, and help you look and apply for opportunities.

Can I take this as part of the 8-month program?

No, students completing Professional Management will not be eligible for WIL opportunities.

My program started in Fall 2023, so can I register in the WIL?

WIL is available for one-year programs which started in Winter 2024 (January 1, 2024) or later.

I wanted to take WIL after my first program but before my second program, but I failed to secure a position. What happens now?

If you are unsuccessful in securing a position, you cannot complete your WIL. The onus is on students to take advantage of all resources provided to best present themselves when applying for WIL opportunities.

Do I have the same access to UPass/insurance etc when I am on my WIL term as my academic terms?

Yes, you do.

What if I pay for the WIL and after one month I don't like it and I want to opt out. Do I get a refund?

Opting out of the WIL is only possible during the opt-out defined period for your program. After this time, refunds will not be available.

Who oversees the WIL program? Will I have someone to reach out to if I have concerns?

The Associate Director for IPP will oversee the WIL program, along with the Program Manager, IPP. The Career Pathway Advisor will check in with the employer near/at the end of the WIL and record notes on Elevate. The instructor or Faculty Adviser will review notes and communicate them with students at their check-in time.

Can I take the WIL anytime after completing my program?

Your WIL should immediately follow your program completion and will last for a minimum of 12 to 13 weeks.

Can I still work while taking the WIL?

Your WIL employer will communicate employee expectations to you. It is recommended you focus on successfully completing your WIL.

What are the advantages of taking the WIL? Will there be employment references or opportunities for a job with that organization?

Providing employment references or opportunities to work with the WIL employer will be at the sole discretion of the organization.

The WIL was not available for my 2024 courses, can it be added? Do I need to reapply for a new study permit and pay the $200 fee?

Yes, you can take WIL if your program started in Winter 2024 (January 1, 2024) or later. For information about extending your study permit, please see the IRCC website or contact IRCC directly.

Post-Graduate Work Permits are dependent on the length of program study. Does WIL help provide extra hours?

Yes, WIL adds hours to the length of your program.

What is the success rate of individuals getting full-time jobs after doing WIL?

The first group of WIL students apply to start their work terms in January 2025. After that time more information will be available.

Is any extra recruitment or support provided if I have been unable to secure a job after WIL?

As an IPP student, you will have the opportunity to work with the Career Pathway Advisor to apply for different opportunities.

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