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The Project Management Foundations Certificate explores the core principles of project management as documented in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Seventh Edition.

This program will prepare participants to acquire the fundamental competencies, knowledge, and tools to move into a project management role. During this program, participants will uncover the competencies required to manage a project using the eight performance domains, processes management, program life cycle management, deliverables identification techniques, and stakeholder management. The program will also provide guidelines on how to tailor a project to meet the needs of a specific work environment.

If you are new to the project management profession, interested in developing a knowledge base, or preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® designation or the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® designation, this certificate is for you. This certificate will be of value to those looking to acquire project management skills, models, methods, and artifacts. Also, it is suitable for people contemplating a career change.

By the end of the program, successful students will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose, key terms, and concepts of The Standard for Project Management
  • Explain how agile approaches differ from the traditional project management approaches
  • Describe the basic principles and standards of project management
  • Explain the fundamental value delivery components that make up a project system of value delivery
  • Recognize the eight performance domains of a project and how these domains interact with each other to meet stakeholder requirements during project implementation
  • Describe different steps, techniques and tools required in a project tailoring process
  • Describe different project life cycle management approaches and related activities critical for successfully delivering project outcomes, deliverables, and business needs
  • Analyze how a process-based approach can lead to a project output, input, or deliverable in different organizational contexts
  • Apply project management models, methods, and artifacts required for successful project implementation under the performance domains
  • Create project plans and documents that align with the four Step Tailoring Process using appropriate learning activities

This certificate is perfect if you:

  • Work, or aspire to work, as a project manager in a variety of industries
  • Are pursuing a PMP® or CAPM® designation
  • Are a professional trained in another country, looking for a valued Canadian credential

The schedule of these courses will vary between asynchronous and synchronous; each course will be scheduled in the Fall, Winter and Spring terms, allowing students to complete the five courses within a year.

Courses are delivered online and in person, allowing you to complete your program at a pace that fits your needs and schedule. You should plan on studying and working approximately six hours per week per course.

Online learning is a learning option that caters to busy schedules by taking the learning experience out of the traditional classroom. It is learning that relies on the Internet for access to learning materials as well as interaction with instructors and fellow learners.

In most online courses, you will work within scheduled start- and end-dates, and assignment timelines. Readings, assignments, and contributions will be required on a weekly basis. Graded assignments, participation marks, and sometimes exams contribute to your final letter-grade mark.

It is strongly recommended that you log into the University's online learning software three to four times per week to keep pace with the class. In most cases, the times you choose to work will be entirely up to you. Some online courses may require you to meet online with your class at specific times.

Before taking your first online course, it is recommended to take the free course, Digital Skills for Learning Online.

All Continuing Education Certificates have been developed with part-time learners in mind. The Project Management Foundations Certificate is a 120-hour program delivered in-person and online.

If you register for all five courses in the same term, you will complete the program in less than year eight months.

Students should be able to complete this program within three semesters if they register in two course per semester.

Plan your certificate...

A degree or diploma is not required to enrol in this program.

You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to be admitted. Successful completion of a Grade 12 diploma and relevant work experience are recommended. If English is not your first language, please review the English language proficiency requirements.

The approximate cost to complete this certificate is $3,195.

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Transferring credit from other Continuing Education certificates

If you have completed requirements for other University of Calgary Continuing Education certificates, you may be able to transfer some credits between programs. For details, please review the Transferability section in the certificate programs that you have completed. To transfer credits, please contact a Program Information Specialist.

Please note: The combined total of Transferability and Advanced Standing credits cannot exceed 60 hours for this certificate.

Current Project Management Fundamentals Students

Students can transfer some of the hours in the courses below towards this certificate:

On completion of one certificate, you may wish to pursue studies in another.

On completion of this certificate, up to 60 hours of equivalent courses may be transferred towards the Occupational Health and Safety Diploma, Certificate in Professional Management specializing in Construction Management, and Certificate in Change Management. The number of hours will vary based on certificate requirements and courses.

If you wish to pursue another certificate program please complete the Application for Admission for your next certificate, and contact us requesting transfer of the equivalent course credits, or contact a student advisor for assistance at 403-220-2866. You must request the transfer of the equivalent courses credits to apply to your next certificate – this will not happen without your request.

Receive a discount of 5% by registering at the same time for all five courses.

Register online or by calling 403-220-2866 or 1-866-220-4992. Some restrictions may apply (i.e., all courses must take place within the current academic year).

Project Management Institute

Many of the courses in this certificate align with the educational requirements of the PMP® designation and prepare students to write the PMP® exam.

PMI's Project Management Professional (PMP®) credential is an industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP® designation demonstrates that individuals have the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects. For more information about the PMP designation, see the PMI website.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure all requirements for graduation are fulfilled, and to apply to graduate.

View our Graduation page for details.

This certificate program is not eligible for application for a study permit. International students who wish to live and work in Canada should see our International Professional Programs.

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