Learn the skills and knowledge you need to lead in the digital marketing field.

The certificates in this specialization offer leadership training with a mix of digital media, strategic thinking, and technological competencies that are part of the media and marketing fields.

This combination enables you to both create and execute strategic marketing plans from start to finish.

The program does not require any particular technological background.

Choose this program track if:

  • You aspire to have an exciting and fast-paced career as a digital strategist
  • You want to learn best practices in a digital media, design and marketing environment
  • You want to design and create media content, web environments and user interfaces
  • You have an interest in starting a career in digital media publishing, web design, interface design, user experience design, and digital marketing

The focus is on front-end web development, marketing foundations, digital media creation, digital marketing.


Principles of design

Using Adobe Creative Suite, create design assets and find out what makes certain designs appeal to certain people by learning more about target audiences.

Website best practices

Website best practices

Foundations of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design, principles of code, and opportunity to work on interactive projects such as creating simple websites.

Technology and programming

Technology and programming

HTML, JavaScript and Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro.


Marketing management

From marketing foundations to strategic planning with the aim to implement a good customer experience (CX).



Deepen your own practice, while developing and fostering a multi-dimensional view of leaders and leadership.

Upon successful completion of this specialization, you will receive the following certificates.

Marketing Fundamentals Certificate

This certificate program will provide you with the knowledge to communicate to effectively influence your target audience by examining and mapping their purchasing behaviour and decision-making process. Gain knowledge of the marketing process, marketing strategies and tactics related to the marketing mix (sometimes called the 4 Ps, or 7 Ps of marketing).

There are several variables that make up the right combination of factors that can be leveraged to drive consumer behaviour. Communicating and sustaining a competitive advantage is what makes a company successful.

Digital Marketing Certificate

In this certificate you will explore digital marketing strategies, execution, evaluation and optimization of paid, owned and earned media across multiple digital channels including: search engine optimization, online advertising, content marketing and social media. You will also analyze online marketing strategies and their effectiveness to improve brand recognition and purchase intent.

Certificate in Front-End Web Development

This Certificate provides the essential knowledge and skills required to build the front-end of web pages and websites for personal or business purposes. Students will learn to code, speak the technical language and implement designs using HTML, CSS and JavaScript – a mix of programming and layout that powers the visuals and interactions in the web.

There are several variables that make up the right combination of factors that can be leveraged to drive consumer behaviour. Communicating and sustaining a competitive advantage is what makes a company successful.

Certificate in Integrated Digital Media

The Certificate in Integrated Digital Media incorporates design principles along with tools, techniques and technologies to help students design, create, and publish a variety of digital media content for today's multi-platform electronic devices.

Certificate for Front Line Leaders

The Certificate provides the knowledge, skills and tools first-line supervisors need to be effective leaders. With this certificate, you will deepen your own practice of leadership, while developing and fostering a multi-dimensional view of leadership.

Students must complete a 20-hour independent final assessment (reflective journal) based on the four topic areas.

The program is built around four pillars:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading Business Operations
  • Leading across Business Units

Some courses provide credit towards more than one certificate, allowing you to complete the certificates in less time.

This specialization begins with a program orientation.

Course Hours: 100 hours
Certificate Hours: 100 hours

Number Course Hours Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
BMC 385 Marketing Mix
Identify the marketing functions, processes and tools. Identify the elements of an integrated marketing plan and explore the 7 Ps of marketing framework.
BMC 386 Customer Experience
Gain insights into customer behaviours and decision-making processes by mapping the customer journey. Discover the channels, touch points, and learn how to facilitate coordinated customer communications by assessing interactions, channels, products and time.
BMC 387 Branding and Product Lifecycle
Learn to recognize the elements of a brand, examine the product development process and the strategic management of your product life cycle.
BMC 388 Marketing Communications Strategy
Examine the difference between marketing and communications, and explore the roles of corporate and internal communications in the overall marketing communications strategy.
BMC 389 Marketing Strategic Planning
Formulate a marketing strategy with an integrated marketing communications plan. Develop marketing goals and objectives and identify metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess and evaluate a marketing strategy.
Total Hours 100 60 20 20

Course Hours: 100 hours
Certificate Hours: 100 hours

Number Course Hours Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
BMC 380 Foundations of Digital Marketing
Be introduced to digital marketing leading tools and techniques and best practices. Identify digital marketing channels and tactics for different business models.
BMC 381 Digital Content Management
Explore the principles of content development planning and management, as well as the evaluation and effective use of interactive tools across all platforms.
BMC 382 Digital Social Platforms
Learn about social platforms. Apply strategies and methods to manage this communication and optimize your marketing campaigns to engage and retain customers.
BMC 383 Digital Marketing Analysis
Explore the latest digital marketing analytical tools, tactics and channels utilized by digital marketers.
BMC 384 Digital Promotion and Optimization
Learn to implement the metrics, analysis, and methods, both paid and organic media; explore Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).
Total Hours 100 20 60 20

Course Hours: 120 hours
Certificate Hours: 120 hours

Number Course Hours Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
ICT 442 JavaScript and the DOM
Learn to write JavaScript and DOM scripting code from scratch. Build a strong foundation of basic concepts through introduction theories and practice.
ICT 443 JavaScript Advanced
Improve your understanding of the object-oriented capabilities of JavaScript and learn how they can make your code more modular, maintainable, and efficient.
ICT 580 HTML5 and CSS3
Discover current web standards, design, and development practices, with emphasis on usability, cross-browser compatibility, and search engine optimization.
ICT 581 HTML5 and CSS3 with jQuery
Expand and apply HTML, jQuery and JavaScript concepts through the exploration of current methodologies of responsive web design to deliver the best web experience.
Total Hours 120 30 30 60

Course Hours: 170 hours
Certificate Hours: 240 hours

Number Course Hours Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
ICT 564 User Experience Design
Explore the elements needed to design effective user environments and enhance user satisfaction by improving the usability, ease of use, and more.
ICT 436 Adobe Photoshop
Examine the essential capabilities and creative applications of Photoshop from correcting colour and print to retouching portraits.
ICT 437 Adobe Illustrator
Discover the essential features and creative applications of Adobe Illustrator, including core drawing, text manipulation, and reshaping features.
ICT 578 Adobe InDesign
Discover the essential capabilities and creative applications of InDesign by learning the workspace and features.
WRI 350 Writing Effective Online Content
Learn to write engaging online content based on the needs of a clearly defined audience and your organization's business goals.
ICT 751 Digital Transformation: Building Capabilities For The Future
Explore the various aspects of digital transformation, focusing on the intersection between technology and industry, impacts on strategy and operations.
ICT 754 Digital Disruption in Commercialization: Maintaining Your Competitive Advantage
From customer management to artificial intelligence (AI) at every stage of the customer journey, there is potential for digital disruption that organizations need to consider to maintain their competitive advantage. Explore how technology impacts how any organization markets its products or services.
Total Hours 170 60 60 50

Course Hours: 125 hours
Certificate Hours: 120 hours

Number Course Hours Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
BUS 627 Building Your Leadership Presence
Develop the ability to impact and effectively influence, inspire, and motivate others with your own brand of charisma.
BUS 127 Emotional Intelligence
Integrate intellectual and emotional intelligence to obtain positive results in personal and professional interactions.
BUS 646 Productivity Skills and Tools for Managers
Explore how to think strategically about prioritizing tasks, managing your time, and practise self-care to enhance personal productivity.
BUS 128 Dealing with the Difficult Conversation
Learn an assertive, yet respectful method for discussing concerns with others to be successful in difficult conversations.
BUS 267 Leading Yourself and Others Through Change
Find the best road to successful outcomes while minimizing the negative effects of change.
BUS 648 Negotiation Skills for Working Professionals
Examine and practise negotiation techniques through hands-on activities to gain confidence in applying them outside the classroom.
BUS 649 Powerful Professionals: Consulting Skills for Leaders within Organizations
Discover how to utilize a five-step process designed to enhance effectiveness in applying not only technical skills but also critical interpersonal skills within organizations.
BUS 635 Effective Decision Making in a Complex Environment
Learn to assess and confront problems to make timely decisions by applying techniques, achieving the best results for your business.
BUS 639 Managing Difficult Stakeholders
Learn how to identify characteristics and apply methods on how to manage difficult conversations while still maintaining the relationship through this process.
BUS 641 Business Acumen: Lead with Strategic Business Analysis Tools and Resources
Learn how to use frameworks to assess the current state of business, evaluate risks, consider options, and determine a course of action.
BUS 640 Business Case Development: Frameworks and Templates
Learn the criteria to develop a compelling business case for a targeted audience, achieve approval and secure buy-in.
BUS 700 Final Assessment for Certificate for Front Line Leaders
Reflection paper at the end of the Front Line Leaders program.
Total Hours 125 35 35 55

Why choose this program track?

This program focuses on giving you the tools to successfully create strategic marketing plans and develop the creative to implement your marketing goals in an organization.

Key learning themes: Digital Marketing, Media design using Adobe Crative Suite, Front End Web Development, Marketing management, Customer experience (CX), Leading Self, Leading Others, Leadership and Business Operations, Leadership across Business Units

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