Are you hoping to move into management, enhance your human resource skills, change employment, or build on your degree?

In this program, you will examine key principles of business and their interrelationships in local, national and global world settings. You will learn key management skills that foster communication, teamwork and problem solving in the workplace. You will also gain theoretical and practical insight into the field of human resources and current, employer-valued perspectives. You will learn essential skills for business management and apply the core competencies of organizational effectiveness: staffing, employee and labour relations, compensation, development and training, health and safety, and HR systems management.

Choose this program if you:

  • Work, or aspire to work, in management and HR
  • Seek learning that can lead to a general management credential
  • Implement human resource policies and programs in your day-to-day work
  • Are preparing for the CPHR designation

What you will learn

Business Management

Business Management

Expand your understanding of the Canadian business environment and managing the modern enterprise in an ever-changing global economy.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Learn the primary functions of human resource management in organizations, encompassing the full employment lifecycle, from recruitment to departure.

Human Behaviour in Organizations

Human Behaviour in Organizations

Understand how human behaviour in organizations enhances effectiveness, and influences the development and operation of the workplace.


Upon successful completion of this specialization, you will receive the following certificates.

Certificate in Professional Management

Learn key management skills that foster communication, teamwork and problem solving in the workplace.

Human Resource Fundamentals Certificate

Learn skills in human resource management, employee development and training, as well as recruitment and selection.

Human Resource Advanced Certificate

Advance your knowledge and competency in the area of workforce planning, talent management, and Canadian human resource law.


Some courses provide credit towards more than one certificate, allowing you to complete the program in less time.

Course Hours: 300 hours
Certificate Hours: 300 hours

BMC 205 Business Management | 40 hours

BMC 172 Human Behaviour in Organizations | 40 hours

BMC 206 Management Communications: Interpersonal Skills | 40 hours

BMC 165 Human Resource Management | 40 hours

BMC 212 Conflict Management | 20 hours

BMC 161 Strategic Planning | 40 hours

BMC 162 Accounting Fundamentals | 40 hours

BMC 174 Leadership Fundamentals | 40 hours

Course Hours: 60 hours
Certificate Hours: 100 hours

BMC 354 Employee Development and Training | 30 hours

BMC 178 Recruitment and Selection | 30 hours

No courses in Term 2.

Course Hours: 80 hours
Certificate Hours: 120 hours

No courses in Term 1.

BMC 369 Developing a Talent Management Strategy | 20 hours

BMC 391 Human Resource Workforce Planning and Development | 20 hours

BMC 392 Canadian Human Resource Law and Regulations | 20 hours

BMC 393 Advanced Human Resource Professional Practice | 20 hours

Ultimate benefits

Work in Canada

Work in Canada

Students who meet the requirements for full-time status may be eligible for a post-graduate work permit that will allow them to work in our beautiful city, or elsewhere in Canada.

Global Credential

Global Credential

Earn a global business credential to put on your resume.

Gain a new perspective

Gain a new perspective

Study and make friends with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Important Dates...

Winter 2025 Start Date

January 2, 2025

Program Fees

  2024 Fees 2025 Fees
Application Fee: $200 $200
Program Fee: $15,500 $15,700
TOTAL: $15,700 $15,900

Textbooks are not included in the fee.
For more fee information, please see Fees and Payment Deadlines and International Refunds and Transfers.

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“This certificate was perfect for me because I was able to satisfy my CPD requirements and able to get the required skills to further my career.”

Taorid Ashiru, Graduate
Professional Management Certificate

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Taorid Ashiru

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