Course Description

Build your speaking and listening skills in this beginner Spanish conversational class. Develop conversational strategies, improve listening comprehension, reinforce grammar skills, and build vocabulary and common expressions in class and small-group discussions.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Tener una conversación simple en español
  • Usar la gramática básica con interacciones sencillas
  • Usar los tiempos familiares como el presente, pasado (pretérito e imperfecto) y futuro
  • Hablar con más fluidez y confianza
  • Mejorar la pronunciación

Some of the grammar covered in Spanish 1-4 courses will be reviewed and reinforced.


SPA 104 Spanish 4 or equivalent. 

Strong students who finished SPA 103 Spanish 3 may also be considered for enrolment in this course.


Students should have good knowledge of the present indicative, the present progressive and the preterit, as well as be familiar with the imperfect  (Chapters 1-10 from Como se Dice textbook).

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