90.00 Hours Required

This program provides you with practical, in-demand skills to apply advanced algorithms and tools in machine learning (ML). It consists of two 45-hour courses designed with comprehensive lab activities and hands-on mini projects. You will learn how to build and train deep neural networks and implement your data science and machine learning projects for scale and operational efficiency. Upon successful fulfilment of the requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion.


This Applied Data Science and Big Data program is delivered in collaboration with WeCloudData.

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This program is perfect if you...

  • Are a data and business analytics professional who wishes to learn about the latest AI tools to stay ahead of the curve
  • Are an IT or Engineering professional who wishes to learn how to train large scale models and deploy them on the cloud

What will I get?

Students who complete this program will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Program details


Courses in this program are delivered online. Courses are scheduled at convenient times, allowing you to complete the program at a pace that fits your life.

You should plan on studying and working approximately 15-20 hours per week per course.

Online learning fits into busy schedules by taking the learning experience out of the traditional classroom. Students have online access to instructors, fellow learners, and learning materials.

Before taking your first online course, we recommended taking our free course: Digital Skills for Learning Online

2 Courses, 90 Hours

All Continuing Education programs are developed with part-time learners in mind. Deep Learning and Scalable Machine Learning is a 90-hour program.

The length of time it takes to complete this program varies by student. If you take both courses in one term, you will complete the program in three months.

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The approximate cost to complete Deep Learning and Scalable Machine Learning is $2,990.

You do not require a degree or diploma to apply for admission to this program.

To apply, you must meet the following requirements:

Recommended prerequisites:

  • A minimum of 18 months experience with the following skillsets: python programming, big data tools, distributed systems and MapReduce, relational databases, linux commands, cloud platforms (e.g. AWS Cloud), classical machine learning algorithms, Scikit-learn library or equivalent, linear algebra and statistics.


Students will be automatically admitted when they register for the course DAT 310 Applied Deep Learning.

Each year, scholarships and awards are given to deserving students not only for their academic achievement, but also for community involvement. Award sponsors include both corporate and private donors.

To apply, you must meet eligibility criteria and submission deadlines. Students in this program may be eligible for the following awards:

It is the student's responsibility to ensure all requirements for graduation are fulfilled.

See Graduation for details.

This program does not qualify students to apply for an international study permit.

International students who wish to live and work in Canada should consider our International Professional Programs.

Get a 10% discount

Receive a discount of 10% by registering at the same time for both courses in the program.

Register online or by calling 403-220-2866 or 1-866-220-4992. Some restrictions may apply (i.e., all courses must take place within the current academic year).

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90 Hour(s)

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90 Hour(s)

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