Data science is a rapidly growing discipline and the market demand for data scientists is predicted to increase over the next ten years. While this is great news for aspiring data scientists, the field is experiencing rapid change. There is exponential growth in cloud computing and the use of distributed systems and frameworks like Hadoop, Spark and Serverless Compute. Many companies have awakened to the idea of data-driven business, and have moved from the proof of concept stage to the mass adoption of open-source tooling.

There are three stackable programs offered in the Applied Data Science and Big Data program area. The programs can be taken entirely online, and students have the flexibility to choose the program that matches their prior experience...

Machine Learning and Visualization

Entry Level
2 courses, 90 hours

Big Data
in Cloud

Intermediate Level
2 courses, 90 hours

Deep Learning and Scalable Machine Learning

Advanced Level
2 courses, 90 hours


Offered in collaboration with WeCloudData.

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