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Employee Management: Fundamental Skills for Leaders

Examine the five-stage employment life cycle: recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and off boarding. From the recruitment phase to the exit interview, every employee follows a series of steps during their time within an organization. Managing this life cycle effectively is critical.

Identify the actions leaders need to consider at each stage, and how they can improve the employee life cycle within their organizations. Explore the different tools and technologies that are used to coordinate talent management activities.

Formerly: BUS 636 Managing Your Employee Life Cycle Effectively

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify the different stages or end-to-end process within the employee lifecycle
  • Discover and identify resources to manage employees within each stage
  • Examine what stage each of their employees are within the life cycle
  • Analyze the different tools or technologies that are used to centrally coordinate talent management activities within their organizations


  • Employee life cycle and its stages
  • Employee life cycle management techniques
  • Strategies on how to improve employee life cycle stages
  • Tools and technologies used to coordinate talent management

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