Course Description

This introduction to the basic structure of the Japanese language emphasizes oral proficiency, with some reading and writing including some Kanji. Continuation of Japanese 2.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Holidays and days off: Read a short blog, say what you did on your days off, say what you did on your travels, say where you want to go next time
  • My family and myself: Talk about you/your family and what you/they do, say what language you speak with your family, talk about your hobbies
  • Seasons and weather: Talk about the change of seasons, say what you like and why, greet people by talking about the weather
  • My town: Tell a friend about a place/area of your recommendation, using a map of your town; tell a friend what the place that he/she is interested in is like and what to be careful about, using a map
  • Write a short journal in Japanese

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