Course Description

Learn to effectively communicate technical information to your audience by applying relevant concepts and tools to help you make sense of various writing tasks. Develop your ability to analyze written information and use structure to reinforce its meaning and make the message clear. Produce writing samples based on documents including reports, policies and procedures, proposals, summaries, manuals, and user guides. Learn through study, practice, peer and instructor feedback, and assignments.

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Broad Learning Outcome

In this class, students will explore how purpose, audience, form and style are important elements of technical writing. Being attentive to each element helps in communicating effectively. The focus will be on practicing writing skills that relate to the most common forms of documentation, including proposals, reports, specifications, manuals and other forms of technical communication.

Supporting Learning Outcome Statements

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify audience and purpose
  • Apply appropriate technical writing style and form to a variety of audiences with varying purposes
  • Write effective common persuasive and informative technical documents
  • Recognize how style and form inform and influence the effectiveness of a written technical document


Prerequisite: One of the core courses (WRI 110, WRI 120, WRI 130, WRI 150, BMC 113).    

Completion of WRI 220 Document Design is recommended prior to taking this course. 


BMC 113 - Business Writing Basics OR
WRI 150 - Writing in the Workplace OR
WRI 130 - Professional Writing Basics OR
WRI 120 - Copy Editing and Proofreading OR
WRI 110 - Writing Well

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Apr 05, 2022 to May 30, 2022
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Flat Fee non-credit $595.00
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Reading List / Textbook

No textbook required.

Section Notes

Prerequisites: At least one core course: Writing Well (WRI 110), Copy Editing and Proofreading (WRI 120), or Writing in the Workplace (WRI 150 - previously WRI 130 / BMC 113). Successful completion of WRI 220 Document Design is suggested. 

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