Course Description

To what extent does business success depend on an organization's capacity to learn? What makes organizational learning relevant in today's economy? How does it differ from quality improvement, restructuring, and other attempts to build organizational effectiveness? This course will help you: enable learning in your workplace, assess the organization's learning capacity, and recommend ways to create a strategic learning culture.

Course Details

Upon completion this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Define the learning organization
  • Identify strategies and processes that develop a learning organization
  • Connect organizational culture to the learning organization as an enabling driver
  • Identify desired behaviours of participants within a learning organization
  • Advocate for learning as a strategic, enabling function of an effective organization

Topics of instruction:

  • Unpack Peter Senge’s model for a learning organization
  • Integrate new models and ways of thinking to support traditional views
  • Reflect on your own organization’s learning attributes
  • Discuss strategies to build a learning culture
  • Assess your organization’s learning disabilities and challenges
  • Develop an implementation plan that focuses on your unique organizational growth opportunities
  • Re-visit and update your own definition of a learning organization to make sure it works for you


Students should expect to spend five to seven hours on coursework each week. 

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