Course Description

Many argue that environmental responsibility is a cornerstone for building just, equitable and sustainable societies. Others argue that preserving stable and balanced ecosystems is humanity's primary obligation to both the planet and succeeding generations. The issue of sustainability touches upon economic, political, scientific and social realities. This course examines emerging sustainability trends and their implications. You will be encouraged to re-examine your attitudes towards both the environment and the future.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • the correlation between environmental degradation and social justice
  • the limitations of fossil fuels, potable water and other resources
  • the potential of alternative, renewable resources to power civilizations
  • the ethical dilemmas pertaining to environmental stewardship
  • the spiritual connection to societal values, the individual and the environment


Formerly: Sustainable Futures and the Philosophy and Practice of Sustainable Development

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