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Water is fundamental to life, and its proper management is essential to a sustainable environment. If your work involves water management - whether it be in agriculture, community development, or industry - or if you have a strong concern for our environment, you will benefit from this course. Explore the variety, demand and supply of this limited resource as well as wastewater re-use and recycling. Discuss stakeholder rights and responsibilities, technical and regulatory approaches to management and conflict resolution, and current issues on climate change, oil and gas development and the transfer and selling of fresh water.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Understand concepts associated with water management as they pertain to water demand, water supply, water as part of the environment, wastewater treatment, stakeholders and origin of conflict and need for conflict resolution
  • Understand the hydrologic (water) cycle and how it is used as the framework for allocation of water supplies including rivers, lakes, glaciers, groundwater resources, seawater, and atmospheric sources such as rain and snow
  • Understand water demands including domestic/municipal, agriculture, industrial, oil and gas, electrical power generation, recreation, wildlife, fisheries, transportation, conservation, aesthetics, habitation and culture
  • Understand water supply and water demand conflicts
  • Understand and appreciate methods for conflict management and resolution
  • Understand water management issues for the Twenty-First Century

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