Course Description

Human resource professionals demonstrate leadership capabilities by adhering to ethical practices. Building relationships embedded in ethical practices with your organization’s leadership team is key to advancing human resource processes and policies. Discover how to support leadership teams, key stakeholders and talent within your human resource team by promoting ethical standards aligned with organizational value systems.

Topics of Instruction

  • Human resource ethical standards and practices
  • Organizational values related to human resource policies and processes
  • Building effective relationships through stakeholder engagement

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Describe ethical standards within the human resource practice and your organization based on human resource professional standards, industry benchmarks, and organizational standards
  • Use different human resource leadership initiatives to build effective relationships within organizations
  • Demonstrate how the values of an organization align with human resource standards using local and national benchmarks
  • Explain how local and national benchmarks support internal strategies to develop ethical and professional relationships with stakeholders in an organization
  • Describe the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion in the context of human resource professional practice

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