Course Description

Continue the process of writing your novel. Flesh out the elements of a strong setting, plot, character, point of view, style, rhythm and theme. Through short written assignments, peer and instructor feedback, you will learn about the benefits of “workshopping” written material and leveraging research method(s) while staying organized. Explore ebooks versus traditional publishing, how to secure an agent and/or publisher and how to promote your book.

Course Details

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify publishing strategies to launch a successful novel
  • Apply and strengthen the basic elements of a novel 
  • Recognize the importance of providing and receiving helpful feedback
  • Discover a method(s) for researching and organizing written work

Topics of Instruction:

  • Apply elements of a novel
  • Research and organize written work
  • Publishing a novel

Meta - Continue to work toward the first draft of your novel and explore publishing options. 


WRI 422 Write a Novel - Level 2

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