Course Description

Discover what distinguishes a leader from a supervisor by examining your current approach to leadership and determine if you have the skills of the leader you wish to be. Learn to identify ways to enhance two-way communications with your team and establish benchmarks to analyze your leadership performance. You will learn how to focus your attention on individuals and recognize what they need from you.

Formerly: BUS 637 Supervisor or Leader: Which would you like to be?

Course Details

Upon completing this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Discover what distinguishes a leader from a supervisor
  • Develop active listening skills and the discipline to apply those skills when addressing team members' concerns and perspectives
  • Analyze and use a log system to track your employees' performance with the goal of writing quality, detailed performance assessments
  • Develop processes to regularly and consistently recognize good work among your team members

Topics of Instruction

  • Different skills and techniques that differentiate a supervisor from a leader
  • Leadership Role Models
  • Building Trust as a leader

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