Course Description

This course is for anyone who loves movies and is interested in learning how to write a screenplay. Film is a visual medium, but it all starts with a great idea and a well-written script. You will learn to generate concepts, structure a screenplay, and use dialogue, conflict, and characters to bring your story to life on film. Fun and informative, the class incorporates film clips, creative exercises, writing assignments and samples of screenplays from successful movies. This course is open to all levels of writers. 

Course Details

By completion of the course, successful students will be able to:

  • Recognize the difference between screenplays, novels or plays
  • Identify and explain the three-act story structure and various plot points in a film
  • Describe screenplay formatting
  • Identify core elements of a good screenplay such as character, plot, dialogue, and theme
  • Develop an outline for a short film
  • Write an effective scene

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