Course Description

Self-care in Retirement: Strategies for Wellness

Retirement is filled with both opportunities and barriers that will either enhance or inhibit your ability to enjoy a lifestyle filled with energy, vitality and a sense of overall wellness. In this short course we will discuss seven key wellness concepts, personal factors that create and inhibit retirement wellness, retirement stressors and self care. We will explore a variety of strategies to nurture your overall wellbeing. You will leave inspired and motivated with a personal wellness plan that will support you in your endeavour to enjoy a high quality of life in your retirement years.

Course Details

By completion of the course, successful students will be able to:

  •  Identify the seven key wellness concepts
  •  Identify the personal factors that create and inhibit your overall wellness
  •  Identify key retirement stressors and strategies to address them effectively
  •  Evaluate your current wellness needs and practices
  •  Define strategies to effectively address retirement stressors and adversities
  •  Develop an effective plan that when practiced will enhance your overall wellbeing

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