Course Description

A solid sense of your own professional ethical standards allows you to live an authentic life and be more confident about the choices you make at work. In your role as an educator, manager, advisor or other professional, this study of ethics will address professional ethical issues by exploring different ethical theories and approaches to decision making. You will learn the elements of logical discussion and debate as well as cognitive biases that can create flaws in our own thinking. Whether you are faced with a personal ethical dilemma or a disagreement with colleagues, you will be better prepared to analyze the issue and apply ethical reasoning to create a satisfactory conclusion. You will also gain better insight into the code of ethics for your profession or company.

Course Details

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:
  • Distinguish between laws and codes of ethics
  • Compare and evaluate models of ethical reasoning used to resolve ethical dilemmas
  • Identify the components needed to create an effective code of ethics
  • Create a personal code of ethics using ethics theories and applied techniques
  • Apply ethical theory and practical applications when responding to discussions or assignments


Students should expect to spend five to seven hours on coursework each week. 

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