Course Description

With the changing demographics of the workforce, there is a need to assess the relationship between work life and family life and the impact they have on each other. Topics include: work and family issues; organizational and personal stress; work and family conflict; dependent care issues, including those of the sandwich generation; role conflict; marital satisfaction; work satisfaction; and workplace and government policies for dealing with multiple work and family demands.


Course Details

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and examine the concept of work-to-family conflict or role conflict.
  • Identify the social and demographic changes that have influenced work and family
  • Analyze the impact of various employment strategies on quality of family life
  • Identify and analyze workplace policies and government legislation and their impact on work-life integration
  • Make a business case for addressing the needs of the employer in areas such as retention, turnover and absenteeism, and the needs of the employee in terms of work-life integration

Formerly: BMC 286 HR Perspectives on Work-Life Balance

Formerly: BMC 147 Work-Life Integration: Creating Balance in Your Life

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