Course Description

Continue to explore the world of colour, emphasizing the development of your personal colour palette. The practical use of colour will be considered as it applies to the fields of art and design. Discuss colour systems and colour organization, colour symbolism, colour and culture, optical mixture, colour transitions, advanced colour relationships, colour as language, using colour as an artist and designer, and specific tools and resources for colour experts.

Course Details

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Develop a strong personal color palette
  • Explore practical colour usage in the fields of art and design
  • Examine methods of colour systemization
  • Investigate complex color modules and they're technical applications
  • Define colour symbolism and the various cross-cultural meanings
  • Write about colour theory as related to your own practice in a comprehensive and thought provoking manner
  • Study advanced colour theory relationships; i.e. colour transition, false transparency, and colour harmony, and discord
  • Discover resources and tools used by colour experts
  • Explore colour theory applications related to cutting edge contemporary art


It is strongly recommended that students complete Colour Theory 1 or equivalent before registering.

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