Course Description

Building on knowledge gained in German 1, or for those with a basic knowledge of German, this course will continue to develop skills in oral and written communication.

Course Details

Upon successful completion of this German course, you will be able to:

  • Describe your profession or your job
  • Ask people for information if you are on a trip in Germany, Austria or Switzerland
  • Ask useful questions and give answers
  • Use polite expressions
  • Ask for a hotel room
  • Understand or leave a message on an answering machine
  • Make, postpone or cancel appointments
  • Talk to a doctor in case you are in pain
  • Ask and give directions and know how to get information at a railway station
  • Understand road maps and announcements at an airport/a railway station
  • Ask for service (i.e. ask an optometrist for glass repair)
  • Understand easy instructions
  • Understand answering machines and leave messages
  • Express disapproval or liking
  • Ask for help or advice in a department store
  • Write and understand invitation cards and letters


GER 110 German 1 or equivalent.

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