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These courses are for students who require academic upgrading for admission to the University of Calgary.

Information on the University of Calgary's admission requirements is obtained from Recruitment and Admissions, or faculty offices. Textbooks are available for purchase at the UCalgary Bookstore.

Spring 2019 Course Timetable

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Please note: The UCID you received as a student or staff will not work for registration until you create a Continuing Education student account. If you have not previously taken a Continuing Education course, you will need to create a new account during the checkout process.

Course Title Equivalent to... Prerequisites*
UPG 110 Biology 1 Biology 20 Science 10
UPG 210 Biology 2 Biology 30 Biology 20, UPG 110 Biology 1, or equivalent
UPG 140 Chemistry 1 Chemistry 20 Science 10
UPG 240 Chemistry 2 Chemistry 30 Chemistry 20, UPG 140 Chemistry 1, or equivalent
UPG 222 English 2 English Language Arts 30-1 English 20-1 or equivalent
UPG 010 Math Fundamentals Mathematics 10C Math 9
UPG 020 Math 1 Mathematics 20-1 Math 10-C, Pure Math 10, UPG 010 Math Fundamentals, or equivalent
UPG 101 Math 2 Mathematics 30-1 Math 20-1, Pure Math 20, UPG 020 Math 1, or equivalent
UPG 031 Math 3 Mathematics 31 Math 30-1, Pure Math 30, UPG 101 Math 2, or equivalent
UPG 130 Physics 1 Physics 20 Science 10
UPG 230 Physics 2 Physics 30 Physics 20, UPG 130 Physics 1, or equivalent

* Please note the prerequisites for each course. Students uncertain of their readiness are asked to contact the department prior to registering.

Level 1 courses are equivalent to the 20-1 stream, and Level 2 courses are equivalent to the 30-1 stream. If you are not strong in a subject, or have been away from high school for more than three years, begin with the Level 1 course before attempting the Level 2 course.

Withdrawal Policy for Academic Preparation courses

For a full refund to be issued, notice of withdrawal must be received ten calendar days or more prior to the start date of the course.

If notice of a student's withdrawal from a course is received less than ten calendar days prior to the start date or up to five days after the start date of the course, an administration fee of $100 will be applied to the refund amount. Withdrawal notices received more than five days after the start date will not be issued a refund.

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