An IT Computing Account is a username and password which provides access to campus services such as an email address, and public university computers. Not all users who have a UCID will be eligible for an IT computing account, but all users who have an IT computing account need to have a UCID first.

Who gets an IT Computing Account?

You are eligible for an IT Computing Account if your course or program of study requires that you have access to specific University of Calgary services. When required, your UCID is enabled to generate an IT Computing Account. You will be notified via an email containing instructions for creating your IT Computing Account and setting up Multi-Factor Authentication.

If your course requires an IT Computing Account but you have not received instructions via email, please begin by checking your junk mail. The subject line will read "IT Computing Account Setup". If you have not received the instructions at least one day before your course begins, you can attempt the setup process by visiting the IT Account Registration page. Read and agree to the terms by checking the acknowledgement box at the bottom of the page and click the "Accept" button to begin.

If you have difficulties with your IT Computing Account, please contact the IT Support Centre.

How long do I have access?

The availability of your IT Computing Account depends on your program of study...

  • Most Continuing Education students have access 2 days before their course starts, and 4 weeks after it ends
  • International students have access 3 weeks before their program starts, and 4 weeks after it ends

If your account expires, it will be re-activated if you take additional courses which require you to have an IT Computing Account.

International Students – Account Expiry

Access to your IT Computing Account will end 4 weeks after the completion of your program. At this time, you will no longer have access to your UCalgary email or any shared drives. Please ensure you are using your personal email after the completion of your IPP program and be sure to transfer any important correspondence, documents, or files to your personal email and drives before you lose access.

For more information, see UCID vs IT Computing Account.

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