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Required:  98  Hours

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The Certificate for Emerging Leaders program can help leaders of all levels of experience deal with the constant changes in today's fast-paced workplace. The focus is on building skills in the areas of building relationships, coaching, communication, personal effectiveness, and professional skills.

The flexibility of this certificate makes it ideal for aspiring, new or established leaders. Students are encouraged to build their own certificates by carefully selecting seminars that not only meet the requirements of the program, but at the same time meet their own career needs.

Students are required to take 98 hours of seminars, and must choose a minimum of one seminar from each of five topic areas.

Topic Areas

  • Building Relationships
  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Professional Skills

On completion of the required hours, students submit a Learning Journal Summary — a written summary of knowledge and skills learned through the program.

Students can take seminars first and enrol in the certificate later, applying at that time for credit for those seminars that you have completed and which meet the certificate requirements. However as certificate requirements are subject to change, we recommend you apply for admission as early as possible, thereby locking in the certificate requirements and ensuring your receive credit for all of your seminars. Certificate requirements must be completed within five years of the start date of your first seminar.


Seminars are typically offered over one, two, or three full days from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at the main or downtown campuses.


All Continuing Education certificates have been developed with part-time learners in mind. The Certificate for Emerging Leaders is a 98-hour program. Students choose a minimum of one seminar from each of the five topic areas.

Students who choose at least one seminar per session can complete this certificate in two and a half years.

Students have three months upon completion of their last seminar to submit their Learning Journal Summary to fulfill the final requirement for the program.


Plan your certificate...


You can take courses first and enrol in the certificate later; however, as programs are subject to change, we recommend you apply for admission to the certificate program as early as possible. Once you are admitted, you can be confident that you have locked in the requirements leading to your graduation.

You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to be admitted to the program. Successful completion of a Grade 12 diploma and relevant work experience are recommended. If English is not your first language, please review the English language proficiency requirements.

A degree or diploma is not required to enrol in this program.

Apply for Certificate Admission


Up to 70 hours of credit may be transferred toward certificates in: Professional Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Public Relations Management, or Security Management.

This includes 40 hours to replace the course, Human Behaviour in Organizations, and up to 30 hours toward the electives requirement.

Prior Learning Assessment

Please note: Effective December 23, 2014, Advanced Standing will no longer apply to the Certificate for Emerging Leaders.


To graduate, a student must satisfy all certificate requirements including:

  • Successfully complete program requirements.
  • Attain a "CR" in all seminars used to meet program requirements.
  • Attain minimum instruction hours to meet program requirements.
  • Successfully complete the Learning Journal Summary

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all requirements for graduation are fulfilled in a timely fashion. To assist students in this, student services and information specialists are available to meet with students to review their status and determine outstanding requirements.

Contact Information

Questions can be directed to advisors in person, by phone or email.

Continuing Education Administrative Offices
Phone: 403-220-2988 or 1-866-220-4992
Email: business.conted@ucalgary.ca

  Building Relationships Seminars 
Minimum Required:  7  Hours |  Maximum Allowed:  105  Hours
    BUS 166   Building Great Customer Relationships 7.0 hours
    BUS 281   Developing High Performance Teams 7.0 hours
    BUS 144   Energize Your Workplace: Inspiring and Motivating People 14.0 hours
    BUS 278   Leading to Engage Employees 7.0 hours
    BUS 286   Leading to Inspire: Discovering the Power of Purpose 14.0 hours
    BUS 268   Leading with Cultural Intelligence 7.0 hours
    BUS 267   Leading Yourself and Others Through Change 14.0 hours
    BUS 264   Leave a Lasting Impression and Increase Your Success 7.0 hours
    BUS 244   Mentoring Skills 14.0 hours
    BUS 611   Neuroscience: A Path to Stronger Leadership 14.0 hours
    BUS 260   Successful Teams: How to Build Them 7.0 hours
    BUS 199   Team Survival Skills: Take it Outside! 7.0 hours
    BUS 605   Understanding and Developing Your Unique Organizational Culture 7.0 hours
  Coaching Seminars 
Minimum Required:  7  Hours |  Maximum Allowed:  105  Hours
    BUS 155   Coaching for Quality Performance 21.0 hours
    BUS 287   Coaching to Different Styles 14.0 hours
    BUS 253   Coaching to Lead 7.0 hours
    BUS 212   Power and Science of Coaching 14.0 hours
  Communication Seminars 
Minimum Required:  7  Hours |  Maximum Allowed:  105  Hours
    BUS 145   Art of Giving and Receiving Criticism 7.0 hours
    BUS 219   Confidence in Communication 7.0 hours
    BUS 265   Conquering Your Fear of Public Speaking 14.0 hours
    BUS 128   Dealing with the Difficult Conversation 7.0 hours
    BUS 134   Facilitation Skills 14.0 hours
    BUS 258   Good Writing is Good Business 7.0 hours
    BUS 188   Improving Communication at Work 7.0 hours
    BUS 279   Integrative Listening: The Leader's Edge 14.0 hours
    BUS 240   Leading with Confidence and Courage 7.0 hours
    BUS 114   Powerful Presentations 21.0 hours
  Personal Effectiveness Seminars 
Minimum Required:  7  Hours |  Maximum Allowed:  105  Hours
    BUS 256   Accountability in the Workplace: Whose Job Is It? 7.0 hours
    BUS 285   Assertiveness: Choosing the Right Balance 7.0 hours
    BUS 609   Collaborate to Innovate 14.0 hours
    BUS 217   Composing Your Life: Strategies for Success 7.0 hours
    BUS 112   Creative Conflict Resolution: Making the Most of Differences 7.0 hours
    BUS 275   Creative Negotiating 7.0 hours
    BUS 606   Define and Refine Your Leadership Presence 7.0 hours
    BUS 109   Do Less and Achieve More: Zone of Optimal Performance 14.0 hours
    BUS 610   Enhancing Leadership Impact with Creativity Tools 14.0 hours
    BUS 127   Emotional Intelligence 7.0 hours
    BUS 270   Get Organized! Improve Your Workflow and Boost Your Productivity 7.0 hours
    BUS 271   Leadership in Action 7.0 hours
    BUS 607   Leading for Impact and Resonance 14.0 hours
    BUS 282   Mastering Work and Life Satisfaction 14.0 hours
    BUS 140   Meeting the Challenge of Leadership 14.0 hours
    BUS 130   Mental Toughness: Training for Success 14.0 hours
    BUS 272   Reinventing Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary 7.0 hours
    BUS 255   Secrets to Networking Success 7.0 hours
    BUS 210   Strategic Leadership 7.0 hours
    BUS 207   Stress Less: Managing What's On Your Mind 7.0 hours
  Professional Skills Seminars 
Minimum Required:  7  Hours |  Maximum Allowed:  105  Hours
    BUS 154   Accounting for Non-Financial Managers 14.0 hours
    BUS 173   Building Trust in the Work Environment 7.0 hours
    BUS 182   Business Partnering for Results 14.0 hours
    BUS 613   Creative Problem Solving 7.0 hours
    BUS 612   Cultivating Innovation in Your Organization 21.0 hours
    BUS 266   Effective Writing in the Workplace 14.0 hours
    BUS 251   Empowering and Motivating Others Through Effective Delegation 7.0 hours
    BUS 120   Financial Analysis and Planning for Non-Financial Managers 14.0 hours
    BUS 146   Fundamentals of Supervision 21.0 hours
    BUS 138   Getting Things Done Through Influence 7.0 hours
    BUS 233   Implementing Change 7.0 hours
    BUS 273   Leveraging Generational Differences at Work 7.0 hours
    BUS 261   Navigating Through Ethical Decisions 7.0 hours
    BUS 257   Overview of Strategic Planning 7.0 hours
    BUS 276   Perfecting the Performance Discussion 7.0 hours
    BUS 274   Succession Planning: Developing Leaders From Within 7.0 hours
    BUS 608   Systems Thinking: Creative Solutions to Complex Problems 14.0 hours
    BUS 284   The Decisive Leader 7.0 hours
    BUS 111   Time Management 7.0 hours
    BUS 211   Toxic Workplaces: Strategies to Create Healthy Environments 7.0 hours
    BUS 601   Understanding the Power of Collaboration 21.0 hours
    BUS 245   Writing Winning Proposals 7.0 hours
  Learning Journal Summary 
Minimum Required:  0  Hours |  Maximum Allowed:  1  Hours
    BUS 197   Certificate for Emerging Leaders - Assessment 0.0 hours

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