Teaching Second Language Certificate – Level 1

Samdup has been teaching heritage language in Community Language and Culture school in Calgary with a goal to become a heritage language teacher as a full-time profession. Therefore, I have always wanted to study linguistic skills and broaden my knowledge to pursue my dream. With the help of Southern Alberta Heritage Language Association (SAHLA), Samdup got this great opportunity to study Teaching Second Languages level 1 and 2 in Continuing Education at the University of Calgary.

The program is delivered both in class and online. Completing courses online was very convenient to Samdup's schedule, making it convenient to study at any time from home. In the beginning it was challenging to use the learning management system but help from the instructor made it easier over time. The instructors are very supportive in many ways and want to see their students succeed.

"The support I received from my teachers and the constructive comments from classmates was really overwhelming."

Samdup will use the new technical terms, different teaching methods and teaching strategies "to teach my students now as well as in future."

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