Course Description

In this continuation of Mandarin 1, enhance further your conversational abilities and cultural understanding. Cover some culture and business etiquette and learn practical phrases, as well as a grammatical framework for additional study.



Course Details

The language is taught from the official Romanization system, Hanyu Pinyin. Mandarin 2 is to expand the learner’s vocabulary through new clusters of words and phrases under various themes, e.g. colours and getting around.

By completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Talk about colours, sizes and comparisons
  • Ask or give directions
  • Talk about travel plans and getting around
  • Explain your daily routine
  • Exchange foreign currencies and banking
  • Enhance understanding of the Chinese sentence structure
  • Create a short story with the vocabulary you have learned in class
  • Deepen understanding of contemporary Chinese culture

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