Course Description

This advanced coaching course will broaden and deepen your ability to coach others through challenging situations. Expanding your conflict coaching skill box, you will learn how to work with strong emotions related to conflicts, and examine the impact of face-saving, resistance, and power dynamics within the context of challenging conversations. Self-management, empathic responsiveness and accuracy, and attention to goals focus will be discussed as integral to creating effective resolutions.

Course Details

Upon successful completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Develop and maintain a coach-like conversation when addressing challenging situations.
  • Select appropriate conflict coach strategies when working with emotionally escalated clients.
  • Identify and use conflict coaching skills when encountering resistance.
  • Create effective strategies for working with triggers for self and others.
  • Determine how to maintain a values and goal focused conflict coaching session.
  • Co-create options and build action plans that are focused on resolving challenging work issues.
  • Assess coaches own capacity to manage personal responses and reactions when dealing with challenging client issues and/or challenging clients.
  • Prepare and organize conflict coaching sessions in order to meet and exceed client needs.


This course applied towards the Certificate in Conflict Coaching with the Justice Institute of British Columbia. This course can also be completed as an elective to other JIBC Conflict Resolution Certificates.


PDS 238 Conflict Coaching Level I.

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