What is a UNICARD?

The UNICARD is a multipurpose identification, debit and access card used across campus. The barcode on the back of the card provides you with library privileges including signing out books and printing documents from library computers. The UNICARD can also be used to purchase items at the bookstore.


UNICARDs must be picked up in person at the Campus Service Centre. The UNICARD is free if you are currently registered in a Continuing Education course that is more than 10 hours in length. You will need to provide proof of registration. These cards will be personalized with the words "Continuing Education", your photograph, and UCID. This card can be reloaded with money, and the holder of the card will be allowed unlimited access to library computers.

Note: UNICARD privileges are only active while you are registered in a course that is over 10 hours in length. You will need to bring your UCID number, government issued photo ID and a copy of your Continuing Education course registration. If you are not registered in a course, it will not work. It will need to be renewed after five years. A fee of $20 will be applied for a replacement UNICARD.


If you are not able to visit the UNICARD office you may purchase a guest UNICARD, which is eligible for printing only. The guest UNICARD costs $20 ($10 fee + $10 in printing credit), and is available from the dispenser located at the Taylor Family Digital Library. This UNICARD has the words 'Guest Card' on it. These cards do not expire and can be reloaded with money. Upon showing the card to library staff, the holder of the card will be allowed two hours of access to library computers.

For more information...

Phone: 403-220-8300
Email: unicard@ucalgary.ca
Website: www.ucalgary.ca/unicard

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