A student who is applying for admission to a UCalgary Continuing Education program must complete an admission form, and pay a non-refundable fee. For admission to a specific program, please see the 'Admission' details on the appropriate program page. Your admission will set the requirements leading to your graduation.

Prior to admission, an applicant whose primary language is not English must demonstrate English language proficiency requirements.

Getting Started

In most programs, you can take courses first and enrol later. You can apply for credit for those courses that you have successfully completed and which meet the current program requirements. However, as programs are subject to change, we recommend you apply for admission as early as possible. Once you are admitted, you can be confident that you have locked in the requirements leading to your graduation.

Understanding YOUR program requirements

Program requirements are the requirements that a new student must follow to graduate. Because programs are reviewed and updated on a regular basis, the requirements listed on the website may be different from previous or future years. For you to successfully complete a program, you must meet the requirements that are noted on your student record when you are admitted. Once you have been admitted — to be sure you are always choosing courses that can be credited toward your program — it is best to view the requirements outlined in your personal record.

Laddering to a degree

It is possible to use some certificate programs as a stepping stone towards an undergraduate degree if you can meet the faculty's entrance requirements for undergraduate students.

Several 300-hour Continuing Education certificate programs can be applied to a Minor in Workplace Learning which will be accepted by the UCalgary Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Kinesiology. To earn the Minor in Workplace Learning, students must also complete the course, ADL 107 Learning in the Workplace, and additional specified courses for a total of 400 hours of instruction. For complete details, click here.

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