Continuing Education offers Workplace Learning as a minor field of study towards selected undergraduate degrees offered at the University of Calgary. A Degree Minor in Workplace Learning helps students develop the knowledge and skills they need to function effectively in a rapidly changing workplace and provides them with strategies to facilitate both their own and their colleague's learning. This minor field of study is composed of five full course equivalents or 400 hours of specified certificate credit.

The Minor in Workplace Learning is recognized as a degree minor upon admission to the University of Calgary Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Kinesiology, and Faculty of Science. Continuing Education students considering applying for admission to one of these faculties are encouraged to review University of Calgary admissions information and to consult with an undergraduate admissions advisor as early as possible.


In order to complete the requirements for a Minor in Workplace Learning, students must complete 400 hours of instruction. This requires completion of:

A. Business and Management Certificate

  1. A 300-hour University of Calgary Business and Management Certificate program (see list of eligible certificates below).
  2. 60 hours of instruction from an array of courses in the Certificate in Adult Learning.
  3. The capstone 40-hour course Learning in the Workplace.


B. Certificate in Adult Learning

  1. A 300-hour University of Calgary Certificate in Adult Learning (see list of eligible certificates below).
  2. 60 hours of instruction from the wide range of courses offered in the Business and Management Certificate program.
  3. The capstone 40-hour course Learning in the Workplace.

Eligible Certificate Programs

The following certificates can be used to meet the requirements for the Degree Minor in Workplace Learning:

Business and Management Certificates

Certificates in Adult Learning

Other Requirements

  1. Students must meet undergraduate admission requirements.
  2. Successful completion of the five full courses of advanced credit (two full-course equivalents at the junior level and three full-course equivalents at the senior level) for the Minor in Workplace Learning will be recorded with the designation "CR" instead of a grade. Calculation of a GPA will be based on the remaining courses taken to complete the degree.
  3. The Minor in Workplace Learning will be recognized as transfer courses in your undergraduate program. Please check with your undergraduate academic advisor to determine if there are any limitations on transferring the Minor in Workplace Learning with other transfer credits you have been granted.
  4. Students who have completed the 400-hour requirement for the Minor in Workplace Learning may be eligible for undergraduate credit whether or not the Minor is claimed.
  5. Continuing Education is responsible for deciding the suitability for advanced credit of certificate programs from other institutions.
  6. The Management Certificate courses on microeconomics and macroeconomics are treated as equivalent Economics 201 and 203. Students possessing Economics 201 and/or 203 may use these courses as part of their Minor in Workplace Learning or as courses towards a major or minor in Economics. Students selecting the latter cannot also receive a minor in Workplace Learning.
  7. Students may take regular undergraduate courses prior to completing the Minor in Workplace Learning.

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