Course Description

Explore, connect and apply Indigenous worldviews into personal and professional practices by participating in this Indigenous land-based learning experience. This two-day immersive experience will be guided by Elders, Traditional Knowledge Keepers, and an Ecologist/Scientist. Participants will walk in a parallel path of understanding through experiential learning, facilitated discussions and activities to deepen their understanding of the connections between Indigenous knowledge systems and Western approaches. This experience will foster a renewed sense of stewardship and responsibility towards the earth by blending Indigenous practices with Western insights, supporting a holistic perspective.


By the completion of this course, successful participants will be able to:

  • Explore Indigenous environmental and land stewardship, both pre- and post-contact, related to forestry restoration and wildfire management;
  • Recognize the connections between trees, other environmental elements (e.g., water), and non-human relatives;
  • Acknowledge the history of the land and the interconnectedness to spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness;
  • Compare industry forestry strategies with Indigenous strategies to recognize the parallel paths of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples;
  • Reflect on two to three strategies that were informed by the land-based learning experience to share with the larger group.

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