Course Description

Equip yourself with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate and lead digital change within organizations. Explore the core concepts of digital transformation. Digital transformation is more than just a buzzword – it’s a pivotal process that determines the survival and growth of organizations in our digital age.

This course is delivered through a combination of engaging online lectures, case studies, hands-on exercises and interactive discussions. You will have the opportunity to explore real-world examples and collaborate with peers, making the learning experience both informative and practical.

This course is delivered in collaboration with Tantus.

Course Details

Learning Outcomes:

Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define digital transformation and explain its significance in contemporary business scenarios
  • Identify key drivers and inhibitors of digital transformation
  • Give examples of successful and unsuccessful real-world digital transformation efforts
  • Explain digital disruption and its effects on various industry sectors
  • Assess an organization’s need for digital transformation

Summary of Topics for Instructions:

  • Definition and Scope of Digital Transformation
  • Importance of Digital Transformation in Business
  • Key Drivers and Inhibitors of Digital Transformation
  • Digital Disruption and Its Impact on Business Models
  • Real-world Case Studies of Digital Transformation
  • Initial Assessment of an Organization’s Need for Digital Transformation

Who is the Course For:

This course is perfect if you:

  • are a business leader who is responsible for shaping the strategic direction of digital initiatives
  • are a manager who oversees digital transformation projects
  • are an IT or Technology professional who wants to learn about the strategic and operational aspects of digital transformation
  • are a mid-career professional who is seeking to transition into roles that require digital transformation expertise
  • are a recent graduate who wants to gain specialized knowledge and skills in digital transformation


No mandatory prerequisites.

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