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This panel discussion will introduce participants to small-scale Experiential Learning (EL) by hearing from the faculty and staff engaged in delivering these high-impact but small in scale EL activities. Small-scale EL is a curricular or co-curricular hands-on or learning by doing activity that is small in scope, such as embedding students in a curricular research project, hosting a guest speaker, working with case studies or simulations, designing a local field trip or developing a capstone project. These EL activities might be small in scope, but they can be just as effective in helping students acquire EL competencies like teamwork, communication skills, metacognition, and collaboration. Small-scale EL in the curricular and co-curricular space can also increase more inclusive access to EL for students who do not want to engage in more immersive EL opportunities like co-op, internships, field schools or individual research projects.


Learning Objectives: 

During this session, participants will: 

  • Define and explore the principles and components of small-scale experiential learning, investigating its significance in fostering hands-on, immersive learning experiences within constrained or limited environments. 

  • Examine and discuss practical strategies and adaptable frameworks for implementing experiential learning activities in smaller-scale educational settings, considering resource limitations, space constraints, and diverse learner needs. 

  • Explore innovative assessment methods suitable for smaller-scale experiential learning, considering how to effectively evaluate and provide feedback on experiential activities within constrained settings. 

  • Analyze approaches for customizing small-scale experiential learning to accommodate diverse learning styles, abilities, and backgrounds, emphasizing inclusivity and equity within experiential learning environments. 

  • Discuss strategies to maximize the impact of experiential learning despite limitations, focusing on creativity, adaptability, and leveraging available resources to create meaningful and transformative learning experiences. 


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