Course Description

Amidst ongoing debates about fairness in Canada’s federation, the concept of an Alberta Pension Plan has resurfaced. This one-day course seeks to unpack the historical, economic, and political dimensions of this proposition by exploring its roots, comparing it to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and examining how it might actually function in practice.

The basics of pension plan analysis will also be covered, with a focus on measuring the potential costs and benefits of a separate provincial plan. In this fun and informative class, you will gain a thorough understanding of what a move to an Alberta Pension Plan could mean for Albertans, the province's economy, and Canada as a whole. 

This course is ideal for policymakers, journalists, and any engaged citizen interested in understanding the potential impacts of a provincial pension plan in Alberta.

Course Details

Topics Covered:  Canada Pension Plan, provincial pension plans, federal-provincial transfers, federal tax and spending policy, provincial budgets, Canadian history

Course Learning Outcomes:

1) Identify the origins and historical arguments for and against an Alberta Pension Plan

2) Compare and contrast the Alberta Pension Plan proposal with the current Canada Pension Plan in terms of contribution, benefits, administration, and efficiency

3) Outline the legal steps and potential obstacles in moving from a federal to a provincial pension plan

4) Describe the merits and drawbacks of an Alberta Pension Plan using evidence-based arguments

5) Evaluate the successes and challenges of the Quebec Pension Plan

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9:30AM to 3:00PM
May 11, 2024
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