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The Science of Snoozing: Understanding the Neuroscience of Sleep

The average person spends one-third of their life sleeping. But how do we switch between the states of wakefulness and unconsciousness, and why can maximizing this part of our lives be so beneficial?

In this short course, we will get a glimpse of the neuroscience of sleep, covering the basics of sleep regulation, the influence of circadian rhythms on sleep patterns and their impact on hunger, hormones and temperature regulation, and the broader societal implications of sleep research. Additionally, learn strategies for improving your quality of sleep.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the neurological processes that underlie sleep
  • Identify the stages of sleep
  • Explore circadian rhythms
  • Recognize the importance of sleep in maintaining overall health, well-being and cognitive function
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9:30AM to 3:00PM
Apr 13, 2024
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Fee before GST non-credit $79.00
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