Course Description

Strategic thinking is a critical skill that most organizations look for when hiring employees. The ability to see how the bigger picture aligns with everyday actions is key for a successful organization. Explore strategic thinking concepts and processes, while learning why this competency is essential for an organization's success when executing action plans to achieve big-picture goals.

Course Details

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Identify strategic thinking competencies and essential practices
  • Explore strategic thinking concepts and processes
  • Analyze to apply strategic thinking to work projects and add value to your organization's strategic plans
  • Recognize the purpose of strategic thinking and its importance to individuals and an organization

 Topics of Instruction

  • Components of strategic thinking
  • Measuring strategic thinking at work
  • Tools that support the strategic thinking process
  • A practical strategic thinking model to apply at work


Leading Strategically at Cybera Program - Client Cybera

This is the anchor course for this program.



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