Course Description

In today’s day and age, maintaining a professional, calm, yet assertive composure in the face of challenging, aggressive and difficult interactions is something that is expected from customer service professionals on the frontline. However, the client de-escalation process can be unpredictable, emotionally challenging, and practically difficult as these interactions occur with challenging personality profiles, preferences, and traits and across multiple channels, including face-to-face, phone, and email.

In addition, customer service professionals are often required to resolve customer complaints, address pressing concerns, and sometimes re-route issues to other internal stakeholders while dealing with an endless barrage of demanding customers each day. In summary, servicing customers is a challenging job.

When working with emotionally stressful and service-delivery demanding clients, customer service agents need the right tools to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. As a result, Customer service agents looking to amicably resolve issues that spring up with demanding customers must pull from time-tested conflict-resolution techniques, de-escalating tools, and tactical resources that help them resolve difficult situations.

This training course is designed to help customer service professionals develop and strengthen their customer relationship management skills as it relates to managing demanding clients.


Course Details

Upon completion of this course, successful students will be able to:

  • Recognize strategies to effectively dissolve tension between themselves and upset customers
  • Identify some common sources of conflict in their customer service roles and tips on how to manage them
  • Describe effective techniques and resources needed to stay calm under pressure and effectively manage difficult interactions with clients.
  • Describe different types of difficult customer Profiles and the common issues raised by each profile
  • Discuss the impact diversity could have on escalating a conflict and the importance of cultural Intelligence and Sensitivity in the customer management context
  • Examine specific conflict-resolution techniques, de-escalating tools and tactical resources that are utilized by customer service professionals to resolve difficult situations on the frontline
  • Create a personal plan that will guide how they resolve issues and maintain a professional, calm, yet assertive composure in the face of challenging aggressive and difficult interactions

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