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Although much research is communicated in academic journals, there are other options to think about as well. Often, new researchers have opportunities to share and get feedback on their work by creating a poster or presenting at a conference. How can you design a good research poster? This workshop will cover the basics of poster design to provide you with ideas. Some research projects can also be a good fit for visualization, especially if they contain data sets, maps, or other digital products. This workshop will also present the basics of data visualization, examples, and support and spaces available at the University of Calgary if you want to give your project a creative visual edge.

Facilitators: Kyla Flanagan, John Brosz, Renee Reaume

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, students will be able to:

  • Understand key components of research poster design
  • Identify examples of effective and not-so-effective research posters
  • Describe core principles of data visualization
  • Evaluate examples of effective and not effective visualizations
  • Consider how you could visualize research in your discipline


This session will be held in-person.


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