Course Description


So you have done the research and now want to share your findings. There are many ways to do this! Are you writing a paper, making a presentation at a conference, creating a poster, or another type of creation? Have you thought about making your research open access or openly available? There are many options when it comes time to share your work, which this workshop will help with! Also, what does the peer review process involve, and why is it important in research? This workshop will teach you different approaches to effectively communicating their research processes and findings.

Facilitators: James Murphy, Kathryn Ruddock, Kate Cawthorn, Dr. Kyla Flanagan, PhD

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe different approaches for disseminating research findings
  • Describe and explain the peer-review process
  • Identify publishing avenues for undergraduate research
  • Describe and use PRISM, UCalgary’s digital repository, and explain how it can improve research dissemination


This session will be held in-person.


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