Course Description


In the Practice, Learning, and Teaching Orientations (PLATO) Preceptor course, preceptors will be supported in strengthening their teaching practice to enrich student learning. Preceptors will be encouraged to consider the value and importance of effective clinical learning from both the learner and preceptor perspectives and encouraged to view themselves as co-learners in the educational relationship. Developing knowledge and skills in this area is important, as clinical experiences support learners’ decision making about future careers and can inform the style of educator they ultimately become.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, preceptors will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of clinical placements to nursing education.
  • Identify barriers which might influence effective educational relationships between preceptors and students.
  • Analyse how the PLATO tool can enhance your clinical education experiences.
  • Apply PLATO to educational scenarios to support learning.
  • Plan self-development strategies to inform your ongoing work with students.
  • Think appreciatively about your role and articulate ways in which you can respond to learning needs and be supportive in your approach to supervision and assessment of students.
  • Reflect on how best to facilitate student learning by exploring your role and develop characteristics which were identified as important to students.

Delivery method

This course will be delivered asynchronously online with rolling enrolment throughout the academic year.


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