Course Description

Northern remote and rural communities can offer heightened complexity and challenge to those in social work. Working within Northerners requires an awareness and shift in both practice and understandings for those at all levels. Specifically, an unlearning of commonly employed social work ideas and approaches can be critical to disrupting colonial structures and practices. From her experience as a social worker and researcher in Arctic Canada, Dr. Patti Johnston offers insights regarding the complexity of northern social work and suggests a reconceptualization of what is typically considered good social work. Through personal examples, stories and experiences, Dr. Patti Johnston highlights how taking an activist stance can better position social workers and researchers to engage with both policy and practice, and in the process better support northern remote and rural communities.  

Course Details

This webinar will help you: 
• Develop an understanding of northern remote and rural social work in the context of Arctic Canada 
• Reflect upon what it means to do good social work in light of the impact of this work on northerners
• Consider how social workers can collectively support the social transformation of northern communities.  

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